Concrete Solutions

KUNA supplies high quality concrete compaction and vibration equipment to the biggest construction and infrastructure companies in India. We deliver high tech solutions such as motor-in-head high frequency pokers, electronic frequency convertors, and controlled speed vibration products for optimal concrete.

Electronic Technology



Smart chargers

KUNA is working with leading EV charger manufacturers world-wide to offer the best products. We can offer smart chargers for home, commercial and fleets, as well as for public infrastructure. Our installation parters work with us for hassle-free installation of EV chargers at your location. We can also develop special solutions for OEMs for 2W, 3W and 4W applications for slow, fast, and rapid charging.

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For over 65 years, Spectroline has been the world's foremost brand for UV leak detection technology for automotive, industrial, and HVAC applications.  Spectroline & Tracerline fluorescent leak detection dyes and lamps are manufactured in USA and approved by virtually every OEM globally. Our dyes can already be found in more than 300 million cars around the world. We are the exclusive licensee and sole importer for Spectronics products in India. 

Marble Surface


Protect and Care

CeriMED is our premium brand for healthcare, hygiene, and personal care products. Many of our products are bestsellers in their respective categories. All CeriMED products are made using the right technologies and ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy .  

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BABY-NOVA is a leading German brand owned by NOVATEX GmbH, Germany. For decades it has been known around the world for its high quality and good value. We are the sole licensee for BABY-NOVA in India, and offer a complete range of high quality baby care products at affordable prices. 

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