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Charging plug meeting 62196-3 IEC SHEET 3-lm standard

Housing structure promotes maximum protection performance

Product insertion and extraction force<100N

Protection class IP55

Max charging power:127.5kw

Mechanical properties

Mechanical life:no-load plug in/pull out>1000 times

Impact of external force:can afford 1M drop and 2t vehicle run over pressure

Environment performance

Operating temperature


Applied Materials

Case Material:Thermoplastic,flame retardant grade UL94V-0

Contact bush:Copper alloy,silver plating

Electrical performance

Rated current:150A

Operation voltage:10000V DC

Insulation resistance:>2000MΩ(D1000V)

Terminal temperature rise:<50K

Withstand temperature rise:<50K

Withstand Voltage:3200V

Contact Resistance:0.5mΩMax


Combo2 Charging System CCS2 Plug

  • CP-10320

  • DC Charger Manufacturers

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