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  • Conforms IEC62196-2 2016 2-llb, it can charge all EV with Type 2 or CCS2 sockets.

  • Comes with 5 metre cable as standard. Other options and lenghts also possible. 

  • Using riveting pressure process with no screws and a beautiful appearance. Hand-held design conforms to ergonomic principle, plug conveniently. 

  • XLPO for cable insulation prolonging the aging resistance life-span. TPU sheath improves the bending life and wear resistance of cable. The best material in the market at present, conforms to the latest European Union standards.

  • Excellent internal waterproof protection performance, protection grade achieved IP55 (working condition). The shell can effectively insulate water from body and enhance the safety level even in bad weather or special circumstances.

  • Double color coating technology, custom color accepted (regular color orange, blue, green, grey, white)

  • OEM/ODM services and private label possible 

EV Charging Plug Type 2 Female

  • IEC 
    MG - ZS EV

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